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Quality Plumber Week

1 October - 7 October 2018

Quality Plumber Week 2018

Quality Plumber Week is organised by the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Ltd (APHC) and this year seeks to debate the introduction of a single mandatory License to operate a plumbing and heating business.

QPW is about championing the diverse skills of plumbing and heating engineers and celebrating the important role that they play in keeping people healthy and safe. However, anyone can buy a set of tools and set themselves up in business as a plumber - a practice which APHC believes needs to be addressed as non-compliant and poorly installed and maintained plumbing and heating systems can be harmful to public health and in extreme cases be fatal with illness and death being attributed to Legionella disease, carbon monoxide poisoning, scalding from hot water and contamination of water.

APHC would like to explore collectively the industry’s need to look at the viability of introducing a single national mandatory Licensing Scheme to provide accreditation to operate a plumbing and heating business in order to:

1. Protect public health from dangerous and non-compliant plumbing and heating work. 

2. Assist the UK in reducing its carbon emissions through work which is compliant with regulation and best practice. 

3. Provide more of a ‘level playing field’ for the bona fide plumbing and heating installer when quoting and tendering for work.

John Thompson, CEO of APHC has commented: “This is a very important topic which I believe we need to debate collectively as an industry and I am urging the industry to come together and share individual points of view and I believe Quality Plumber Week will provide a good opportunity to host a constructive debate.

“We want to discuss the rights and wrongs of such a scheme, how it could fit within the current framework of legislation and existing competence schemes, how it could be enforced, funded and promoted, what could the membership criteria look like, how would competence be measured, how could it work for new entrants, existing installers and those installers with many years’ worth of experience but who don’t hold an official qualification – just to mention a handful of discussion points.”

What does Quality Plumber Week wish to achieve?

Quality Plumber Week aims to:
1.  Debate the introduction of a single mandatory License to operate a plumbing and heating business.
2. Promote the work of professional plumbers and heating engineers
3. Highlight the importance of using professionals
4. Inform consumers of how to source a professional and avoid a rogue trader

Get involved

Get involved and have your say in the debate by attending a free APHC regional seminar, or by attending APHC’s workshop at PHEX Manchester or via social media using the hashtag #QPW18.

You can also show your support in other ways.

1. Use the official logo

Quality Plumber Week has it's own logo which comes in a range of formats for you to use on your website, social media accounts and printed materials - so download it today and start speaking out for all plumbing professionals!

The logo comes in a banner design and a circular design to give a choice to suit your application.

2. Logos & Images

Download the logo (high resolution)

Download the logo (500px)

Download the email banner

Download the social media header

3. Spread the word via social media

Use the messages contained in the document below to post on your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts before and during Quality Plumber Week. 

Use the hashtag #QPW18 in your posts and we will retweet, favourite and like.

You can connect with us on a number of social media channels including:



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If you are looking for a local quality plumber approved by the industry’s leading trade association you can source a reputable company at:

We have written a free guide on selecting the right plumbing and heating installer for your work requirements which you can read and download here.

Quality Plumber Week is led by the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors. More information about the APHC can be found here.

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