Certification Schemes

APHC Certification Schemes

APHC Certification Ltd. is accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) to operate a number of Government developed and authorised plumbing and heating certification schemes including:

Competent Persons Scheme: Enables businesses to self-certify that their work complies with building regulations in England & Wales without the need to notify Building Control or incur costly local authority inspection fees.

Green Deal Installer Scheme: Allows the installation of energy efficiency measures paid through the energy savings that are generated from their use.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme: Provides certification for the compliant installation of renewable technologies which consumers require to receive government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariff.

To be part of one or all of the APHC Certification Ltd. schemes, the company must meet the minimum operating criteria laid down for each of the schemes. APHC Certification Ltd. will assess each company to make sure the required standards are met. The approval process is normally made up of a combination of desk based assessments of company procedures and on-site assessments of work carried out.

Companies can join one or all of the schemes under one application. This is a streamlined and cost effective process, allowing installers to pick and choose which work area(s) they wish to be approved against, subject to meeting the individual requirements under each of the schemes.

Scope of work areas:

Competent Persons Scheme Green Deal Installer Scheme Microgeneration Certification Scheme

Installation of Oil Fired
Appliances covering:
- Oil Fired, Pressure Jet Appliances
- Oil Fired, Vaporising Appliances
- Oil Storage Tanks & Supply Pipelines

Condensing Gas Fired Boilers (Domestic)

Solid Fuel Appliances

 Condensing, Oil Fired Boilers (Domestic)

Woody Biomass Boilers

Woody Biomass Boilers

Woody Biomass Boilers

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Electrical Installations, Defined Competence Schemes

Heating Controls

Installation of Heating and Hot Water Systems,inc.
Innovative Hot Water Systems

Heating System Insulation

Installation of Plumbing and Water Supply Systems, inc.
Water Efficient Taps and Showers covering:

Wholesome & Softened Wholesome Water Supply

Installation of Non-Wholesome Water Supply & Sanitary Conveniences with a Flushing Mechanism

Sanitary Conveniences, Sinks, washbasins, Fixed Baths, Showers or Bathrooms in Dwellings

Underfloor Heating

APHC Certification Ltd. is financed solely through its certification activities.