Supplier Membership

Helping get your message across to plumbers, heating engineers and legislative bodies

APHC Supplier membership is open to plumbing and heating manufacturers, suppliers and other industry businesses whose interests are closely associated with those of APHC. The business must have been operating for more than 12 months.

Supplier membership allows industry suppliers and manufacturers to communicate and network with our members and APHC is here to support you in helping safeguard the future of our industry.

We can work with you and use our collective lobbying power to communicate with government and regulatory bodies in order to shape legislation and policy.

Supplier membership benefits include:

  • 2 bespoke regional emails to the APHC database
  • 1 leaflet insert into an APHC member mailing
  • 1 half page advert in Hot & Cold magazine (subject to space availability)
      • Supported by a half page editorial
  • Opportunities to have editorial and technical articles published
  • Options to get involved with speaking, exhibiting and attending APHC events

Plus you receive:

You also gain exclusive access to a choice of additional low-cost marketing services and we’re always open to bespoke campaigns and ideas on working together.

APHC Supplier Membership is operated by APHC Ltd.